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You return home as usual late from work when you hear of strange spirits invading people's homes looking for something. Sadly your home is the next home they will visit, you don't know what they want but you have to keep your home from being invaded by scaring them
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Sparky's Hunt
Sparky's Hunt
Sparky's Hunt
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Trwa ładowanie...
Staff Zweryfikowano (Poziom 16) 2023-12-04
Video removed. Broken link
Yahoo (Poziom 12) 2023-12-04
Picture this: you come home late, and there are these bizarre spirits invading houses in search of who knows what. Your place is next on the hit list, and all you can do is scare them away. The premise is intriguing, and the suspense is real. Love the mystery vibe and the challenge of keeping my home spirit-free. Can't wait to see what else this YouTuber has in store! 👻
Nabucodonosor (Poziom 9) 2019-12-29
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