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Solar Lunar Eclipse

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Play as the Moon and obscure the Sun. Don't let the Space Bunnies harm the Sun's Priestess. Touch to move the moon over the red enemies and annihilate them. Stay at center of the Sun to burn blue enemies.
- 2 types of score. Can you beat both of them?
- 2 special moves. Let the Stars explode!
- 6 types of enemies: blue and red! Flying Bunnies, Plant Bunnies, Fat Bunnies...
Język: English  
Aktualności: 1
Now you can play it direclty online (just clic on the Play Me > button). HTML5 and Indiexpo combined power!!!! XD Glad to be the first with a playable HTML5 game, here (it is just a little test game, but... ^ ^)! Submit a lot of them! ^ ^
Solar Lunar Eclipse
Solar Lunar Eclipse
Solar Lunar Eclipse
Solar Lunar Eclipse
Komentarze 8
Formatowanie 380
Songoku (Poziom 10) 2021-07-27
看着不错 💕💕💕💕💕💕
flykidsblue1 (Poziom 10) 2020-08-05
A little bit confusing at first, however, the game is very fun although its simplicity!
Freank Zweryfikowano (Poziom 16) 2020-03-05
Congratulations! Over 1,000 players! I know that you are not so proud of this game (even if I don't know why), but this is a good goal! I wait your next masterpiece!
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