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Rpg Maker 2003

A girl who has just inherited a home from her grandparents in a small village far away, is now haunted by an entity that wants to come into your home and take your life. The girl needs to keep the windows closed for 72 hours.
At each stage, the time to prevent the entity from entering is decreasing.
#horror #japaneseculture
Język: English   Portugues  
Aktualności: 2
Guys, I have a little problem with the English language. I am self-taught in languages when I make my games in English, it is because I want everyone to play them. There will be some errors, please forgive me. I believe that even with some language mistakes, it is possible to understand the game and play it. I have no one to help me with this. The game is open source. Anyone...
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Ribon Onna Sama
Ribon Onna Sama
Ribon Onna Sama
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Loscar (Poziom 8) 2020-10-23
"The girl needs to keep the windows closed for 72 hours". Perfect for covid time XD
MagicOz (Poziom 10) 2018-01-26
in the description you can put both the hashtags both a short description. In the long description you can put the other infos. See the others games ;)
Fellowplayer (Poziom 22) 2018-01-26
I can't see a description, what is it about?
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