Percy Lancaster 3D

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Platform game with a side view inspired by atmosphere of old platform games like the old, very first "Prince of Persia" for DOS and by the wonderful "Fez".
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I have added support for a simple gamepad to the game. It was not easy to implement this in javascript: there are no button press and release events there - only periodic polling of the device. Not sure if this will work with all gamepads. This video on youtube:
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Percy Lancaster 3D
Percy Lancaster 3D
Percy Lancaster 3D
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GreenGolia (Poziom 8) 2019-07-02
not so bad. it's a good start, but you have to improve it as soon as possible. i follow.
Agent44 (Poziom 13) 2019-06-19
I like the design and the idea, but you have to improve the assets!
franco999 (Poziom 13) 2019-06-19
But is it playable online? Can you upload the online version here? In your video it looks perfectly playable on browser
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