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NeoTrap is a music-based action game that can adjust itself to music in real-time. All the music used in this game is being streamed from SoundCloud using SoundCloud API. Get your headphones, increase the volume, make it full-screen and enjoy the game! My twitter: @huseynov_omar
Have fun! #LDJAM
Język: English  
Komentarze (13)
Formatowanie 380
Gaarco (Poziom 6) 2019-12-04
Super cool, medium difficult is a bit easy though
satch Profile (Poziom 4) 2018-05-03
Awesome use of the Soundcloud API!
indiexpo Addons (Poziom 12) 2018-04-07
You can find this game also on our new extension/ #addon on your own Browser.Chrome: and Play!
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