Max Stern

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Max Stern is a story-driven platformer with an intricate plot. The game has all the attributes of the action/adventure genre. However, namely the story is probably something that makes this platformer special.The plot is basically centered on the adventures of Max Stern, a die-hard smuggler, who tries to save his life and find out the destiny of some Spanish colonists.
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Windows Demo added.
Max Stern
Max Stern
Max Stern
Max Stern
Max Stern
Max Stern
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ozzmotor Profile (Poziom 3) 2016-08-30
Demo version for Windows 32 added. Demo includes 6 levels.
EncoForge Profile (Poziom 7) 2016-08-28
Very nice,i really like it but can you create an exe version?Though someone don't like play on a browser.
EncoForge Profile (Poziom 7) 2016-08-28
The download link is broken,please change it.
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