Marduk's Longest Night

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The Cult: Marduk's Longest Night is a 2d, hand-drawn, point & click occult mystery. In a world where nothing is as it seems, join Caleb Marduk in a race against time to find his daughter. Explore Harvester City's slums, meet demons and legendary creatures, escape the summoners of The Cult and delve into Marduk's shadowy past. #dark #adventure
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Marduk's Longest Night
Marduk's Longest Night
Marduk's Longest Night
Marduk's Longest Night
Marduk's Longest Night
Marduk's Longest Night
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Trwa ładowanie...
Radagast (Poziom 1) 2020-10-26
I really enjoyed the gloomy atmosphere and the music tracks are amazing! If I could give you just one note, German translation sounds a little odd in some fragments...
baskerville (Poziom 3) 2020-10-25
Usually I prefer third person adventure games but I loved this one! Interesting plot
Loscar (Poziom 8) 2020-10-23
is this your first game?
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