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Ignarus is about a boy(Elias) who finds himself waking up in a strange and dark place, with a sense of familiarity... he gets up and begins to explore this foreign world and discovers some shocking details about his past.
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Finally - after 2 months, an Update! It's been an incredibly busy last couple months here for me not only for game development, but for work also.I've had a job going on for the last month and it's been taking a lot of time out of me. But, that doesn't mean I haven't been making progress with the game! Whats New? Well...After a lot of touching up done to the demo, it's...
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Komentarze (31)
Luis (7853 Klejnoty) 2018-01-21

HEYYYYYYYYYY the link doesn't work!!!! pleeeeeeeease fix it soon!!!

RealTidus (2089 Klejnoty) 2017-06-15

Very nice! I will follow you! The GUI is cool and also the plot and the design! 5/5

Sekayo (2335 Klejnoty) 2017-04-24

great game! Continue it !

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