Frantic Freddie Returns

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Help Freddy gather all the apples in this unique remake of a retro Commodore 64 game. Written in PureBasic.
Język: English  
Aktualności: 1
New version 1.4 Improved: Score, fixed bugs
Frantic Freddie Returns
Frantic Freddie Returns
Frantic Freddie Returns
Frantic Freddie Returns
Komentarze 3
Formatowanie 380
Naldo (Poziom 8) 2017-12-19
Fun game! Well balanced, making it really fit the more is worse theme.
Jonathan Fish (Poziom 16) 2016-08-13
it's totally different from your other game ! It's the best !
Nium (Poziom 9) 2016-07-12
what's the tool ?
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