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Fisheye Placebo - c_0 p_1

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Opublikowany: 2017/03/26


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Cap0 Part1. Vance just wanted to make the most out of his college experience under a totalitarian regime, and if that meant #hacking into the university to assign himself a hot female roommate, then so be it. The last thing he expected was to be dragged into a crazy #conspiracy to overthrow the government by his most-definitely-not-female roommate.
Język: English  
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Fisheye Placebo - c_0 p_1
Fisheye Placebo - c_0 p_1
Fisheye Placebo - c_0 p_1
Fisheye Placebo - c_0 p_1
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GhostRider Profile (Poziom 8) 2017-03-27
Inglese un po' "informale" :PP Ma niente di grave, in generale si vede che non è "madrelingua" inglese, ma ho letto di peggio quindi nessuna critica; ho trovato giusto pochissimi errori propriamente tali, che ti ho segnalato sul topic del progetto su makerando :)
ronnye (Poziom 13) 2017-03-26
nice idea... even if this first "episode" is very short...the plot looks very interesting! and the arts are amazing!
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