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Espada de Sheris

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In this indie game, we control a cat whose profession is to save the world against masked duzker aliens in a post-apocalyptic world from the 4000's. #arcade #platformer #pixelart #2d #gdevelop #scifi #cute #action #aliens #cat #parkour
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🗡️ New C.5.1 Update 💎 Improve Score System and Fix Any Bugs in this indie game #scifi #platformer #2d #cute #pixelart #action #parkour
Espada de Sheris
Espada de Sheris
Espada de Sheris
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Trwa ładowanie...
Eugor (Poziom 15) 2024-05-24
a lot of bug. the level design is not so good. during the boss fighting the characters behind make hard to see your enemy
Yahoo (Poziom 12) 2024-05-23
I played it on pc. Several things to improve. I can move using the WASD... Why not the arrows? How to hit the enemies? I don't understand how. When you fall down you see the incomplete stage.
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