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Eden Glosbe - Ep.3

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[ENG]Meet Callia, a mysterious girl Nolan bumps into while trying to get his bearings. Callia tells him of a group of explorers heading to Antlartis Forest, the place where Eden Glosbe is supposedly hidden! Antlartis is a dark, shady forest that even the most daring are wary to approach. And in its darkness, it hides the greatest secret of all!
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Eden Glosbe - Ep.3
Eden Glosbe - Ep.3
Eden Glosbe - Ep.3
Eden Glosbe - Ep.3
Eden Glosbe - Ep.3
Eden Glosbe - Ep.3
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Fellowplayer (Poziom 22) 2018-01-05
IS the link to the video broken?
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