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Dwerve: Prologue

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Dwerve is a #towerdefense #dungeoncrawler RPG. It tells the story of a young dwarven tinkerer that adventures into dwarven ruins armed with turrets and traps, the only weapons that can protect the dwarves from Witch Queen Vandra the Wicked and her army of bloodthirsty trolls and monstrous creatures.
Język: English  
Dwerve: Prologue
Dwerve: Prologue
Dwerve: Prologue
Dwerve: Prologue
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Trwa ładowanie...
mainsworthy (Poziom 3) 2022-09-18
looks good
DiegoGramicciol Zweryfikowano (Poziom 18) 2022-06-15
Very funny game!!! The pixel art in wonderful.
Gesan (Poziom 11) 2022-04-25
I think that your pixel artist is there biggest that I ever seen. The pixel art is perfect both during the gameplay both during the cinematic sequences
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