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Early work in progress click-adventure game like the days of yore. Use the mouse or touch screen to use inventory items and search. If you want to throw some ideas then leave a comment, whether it's about a puzzle, item, monster, treasure, or other. The goal is to make the game a huge explorable castle full of secrets where players will compete for an online score.
Język: English  
Aktualności: 16
0.14 - Made the castle entrance, but there's no castle hallways yet, so you'll just be teleported to the regular area.
Komentarze (9)
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TheBeast (Poziom 10) 2020-03-16
Is it my impression or the screenshots look different from the game?
TheBigShow (Poziom 12) 2020-03-10
today there are two yours games in homepage in Most Downloaded area! You are incredible! Amazing works!
TenTen92 (Poziom 9) 2020-03-10
old style for a new love. Great game. Played all the day. You have a new fan :)
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