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Touch-or-click game. Gather treasure, save the princess, don't die. Picking up many of the same objects or killing the same enemy in a row will multiply your score.
Język: English  
Aktualności: 7
Armor upgrades added, keys collected is shown in the down right corner
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Blackthorn Profile (2224 Klejnoty) 2019-11-18

Error: Game freezes at level 5

Blackthorn Profile (2224 Klejnoty) 2019-11-10

Boss wizard that flees between levels and defeating him wins the game.

Blackthorn Profile (2224 Klejnoty) 2019-10-18

Ideas: Dungeon level with poison spiders there instead. Zombies, skeletons and Wizards, more powerful than regular enemies. No need for keys to exit, just a rope? Chasm: lose items, more valuable treasure, a rare gem worth 30 gp? Time limit? With torches that go out one by one.

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