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Bookend is a VR title in which the player harnesses their imagination to interact with their favorite pop-up book, The Little Witch.
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Hello, one and all! Today is the big day: Bookend's PC build is done and is officially on Steam You can now download it from steam at the low cost of... FREE! Once again, we'd like to thank everyone who has supported us, followed us, and gotten us to this point. It's been an incredible journey making this game and we're so happy to have it be available for everyone to...
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TenTen92 (963 Klejnoty) 2019-11-21

hi guys, check out this project: you can find new ideaas for your game. :)

Astro_Boy (583 Klejnoty) 2019-03-10

why the file name is bookendfinal? final ? is this the last version?

No Signal (452 Klejnoty) 2019-01-19

still few players know this game. The VR is not still for so many people, but who have also google cardboard, should discover it. even if it's not for cardboard. lol

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