Awa's journey

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Opublikowany: 2021/06/20



Awa wakes up one day to find the tree she lives on is shaking. She goes on a journey to find the cause of this disturbance and sees that not all people live in harmony with nature as she does. Can she save her home?
Awa's Journey is a Single Player Thirdperson Puzzle Adventure Game.
Język: English  
Awa's journey
Awa's journey
Awa's journey
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Best IndieGames (Poziom 16) 2021-07-05
This game is in the video about the Top 2 Indie Games of June 2021

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Tails_Strife Zweryfikowano (Poziom 14) 2021-06-21
it's a very interesting progect, funny, curious and with a level of challenge not heavy and not light, a wonderfull work, the one thing that I hint you for your next projects is dubbing, the dub is slower than textbox change, and if you press Enter to go ahead the dub is still to previous text, I hint you to separate every dub audio for every phrase, for the rest for me is 4/5 stars, very very interesting
kalindor (Poziom 13) 2021-06-20
This looks interesting. Is it a full game? How long is it?
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