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Antipsy Densetsu

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This is the first anti-psichiatric game in the history.
In 2013 a man stabbed his psichiatrist.
What happend in his mind? Was he really guilty? Or maybe there's something else.
In this adventure you'll discover a story of polytics and esotericism.
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Aktualności: 2
For some unknown reason the #game only runs via Mozilla Firefox
Antipsy Densetsu
Antipsy Densetsu
Antipsy Densetsu
Komentarze 3
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Trwa ładowanie...
Trwa ładowanie...
DiegoGramicciol Zweryfikowano (Poziom 18) 2022-07-12
It's a strange but very funny game!
Marco Sacchetti (Poziom 13) 2022-07-06
è il tuo primo gioco? C'è molta roba abbozzata. Un miscuglio di stili grafici e non molta logica nel gioco in generale.
Shishimaru (Poziom 3) 2022-07-04
Watch out, for some unknown reasons the game only works well with Firefox browser.
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