Stupid Stones Adventure Stupid Stones Adventure
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Fellowplayer Profile (23624 Edelstenen) 2018-01-05

Is the video link broken?

geod_3 (1556 Edelstenen) 2016-10-09

Great work!! Nice game design!

Castor (640 Edelstenen) 2016-09-15

i'm blocked at level 5 >.<

Jonathan Fish (7709 Edelstenen) 2016-08-15

very nice game ! i completed 4 levels !

halvarssongames Profile (190 Edelstenen) 2016-06-30

A new version of the demo is now release - beat the boss and share it! ^^

fats (2932 Edelstenen) 2016-06-25

It's hard to put fixed in your head that w is blue, a is green and d is red...! >_> to do this the player should play it again and again andò again... But there is the risk that after the first "again" he closes the game...

Staff (3594 Edelstenen) 2016-06-25

Coming soon will be posted a gameplay about it on our youtube channel :)

TheController (1334 Edelstenen) 2016-06-22

The style of this game is like Kignao XD... in a first time i believe that was the same author ^^". So, very nice trailer ! I'm downloading the game after see it ! Coming soon my comment ;)

Cynac (1071 Edelstenen) 2016-06-21

nice. it's not so hard. But not so easy... even if it's not my favorite kind of game ^^"

Marius (4195 Edelstenen) 2016-06-19

wow ! Nice game ! But, IMHO, this is a game that the users want to play online. It's made with unity, right ? add the html5 version... easy and fast !

Gatsu87 (4226 Edelstenen) 2016-02-03

Good work ! Nice !

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