Sogni: L'Inizio- ENG

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"Sogni" is a Linear-storytelling game, a sort of interactive movie. The subtitle is "The beginning" because what will publish only the first part of a larger story that I created. I'm working on this game alone so do not expect anything mighty. The game is 50 minutes long so you have to play it in one time only.
Sogni: L'Inizio- ENG
Sogni: L'Inizio- ENG
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NovoG (1517 Edelstenen)

the design is very original. :D

Jonathan Fish (7709 Edelstenen)

it's the first time that i play a game in 3D only black and white ! Very cool !

fats (2173 Edelstenen)

is there a video about the gameplay ?

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Sogni: L'Inizio- ENG
Sogni: L'Inizio- ENG
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