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Do you want to test your memory? Check out this game! It's perfect also if you are a #musicplayer! It is an #exclusive for indiexpo! With a online #leaderboard! Music & sounds by @MrVarren
Taal: English   Svenska   Nederlands   ‏فارسی‏   한국어   Italiano   Suomi   Slovenčina   Espanol   日本語   Bahasa Melayu   Polski   中文 (简体)   Русский   ภาษาไทย   Bahasa Indonesia   हिन्दी   Francais   Deutsch   Українська   Filipino   Ελληνικά   Portugues  
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Uploaded the game with the new musics by @MrVarren! An amazing update!
Rubik Memory
Rubik Memory
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swan1987 (Level 1) 2023-06-06
mazzutakgame (Level 14) 2023-04-02
E bravo Freank, una variante del Simon giocabilissimo dal cellulare, le animazioni minimali ed i toni vanno più che bene , poi la classifica dà un valore aggiunto per me 5/5
where_is_love (Level 10) 2023-04-02
An easy game to play on phone. Animations very easy. Retro style. Well made 4/5
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