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The Floor is Lava

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Gepubliceerd op: 17/07/2017


Rpg Maker MV

"Floor is Lava" is a huge #maze. You can play it also with another player using the #indiepad or WASD keys. It wants to be the first maze of #serie of minigames like this! Good luck!
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The Floor is Lava
The Floor is Lava
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Dragonfly (Level 4) 2022-09-16
I like this game, simple but very funny!
DiegoGramicciol Geverifieerd (Level 18) 2022-06-21
It's a funny game!
Squareware (Level 4) 2019-05-12
Pretty simple but could be fun if you add some stuff like keys to open gates and switches to show bridges and tuff.
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