Immortal Sins

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Gepubliceerd op: 12/12/2015


Rpg Maker VX ACE

Step into the shoes of Maria, a noble girl on a distant island who was exiled for a murder she never committed. Now away from her mother and her little sister, she and Elena, a trainee Dragon slayer, will travel across cities and kingdoms to uncover the truth and seek redemption. However, what she finds may be the key to change the entire world... #ImmotalSinsRPG #RPGMaker
Taal: English  
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Second Edition Beta Build 20190507 was released. Provides overall improvements to the game. Changelog:
Immortal Sins
Immortal Sins
Immortal Sins
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KnightRider (693 Edelstenen) 2019-03-02

I like it! a very food rpg! Please, continue it!!!

Naldo (927 Edelstenen) 2017-12-19

Very good!, looks good, funny sounds and the gameplay was pretty solid as well!

Mosul (1105 Edelstenen) 2016-12-16


Immortal Sins
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