Super Smash Monsters

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Shoot em up


Super Smash Monster's is a retro game of the genre Shoot Em Up 2D that prioritizes the high difficulty, pleasing players more #oldschool and #retro. Super Smash Monster's alternates moments of frantic and explosive pure action against creatures and bosses with moments of exploration in search of hidden items and solving small puzzles.
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Super Smash Monsters
Super Smash Monsters
Super Smash Monsters
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the ugly truth (2222 Gems) 2017-03-23

Is the worm made by the same pixel artist of the other graphics? Its style is so different...

Marius (4110 Gems) 2017-03-23

5 stars for me! I saw it on facebook and I suggested the author to post it here! :D Very cool game! I'm going to vote it also on GL!

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