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Shoot em Up


Irem’s R-Type pico-8 port, featuring the first 3 stages in a 32kb cart, which I think is pretty good considering the PC-Engine port featured 4 stages in a 256kb hu-card.
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Updated to Version 1.2 - stage 4 (2 new enemies and 1 new boss, originally stage 8 in arcade) NOTE: stage 4 boss cannot be damaged with normal bullets, you need to use the beam or a force weapon - soundtrack available on - swapped fire buttons - increased special weapon damage - added different explosion for...
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TheRoboZ Disahkan (Level 9) 2021-10-09
Version 1.1 Released, changes:
- auto-fire if you hold down (🅾️)
- fixed shooting/sounds after death
- fixed problems with music cues/checkpoint restarting and enemy removal(stage 3 mainly) after player death
- fixed missiles not resetting after player death
- fixed excessive beam damage due to being stuck in some situation where a bg tile was behind an enemy
Decelo (Level 11) 2021-10-01
Old style game. Is it a clone of a retro game?
Marco Sacchetti (Level 14) 2021-10-01
Quando ci gioco da mobile, in alto a sinistra vedo scritto nbsp; è normale? Bug?
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