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Adventure Visual Novel game in first person. Choose between two points of view and experience different events.
#visualnovel #VN
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Hi everyone! I haven't checked the interactions here in a while. I honestly don't even remember which demo is uploaded to this site, since I started scripting the game with another program and so a lot of things have changed. However the game is currently in the beta testing phase, we have managed to beta test around 55% of the game.
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Neko No Sentouki
Neko No Sentouki
Neko No Sentouki
Neko No Sentouki
Neko No Sentouki
Neko No Sentouki
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Yahoo (Tahap 12) 2023-09-13
Any news about this Kickstarter project? Was the full game released?
Gale (Tahap 5) 2021-09-03
Ara Ara XD the trailer is very addicrive. The artworks are great. The! no words. perfect. Sometime the dialogues are veeeeeery long. You should try to make them short to make the game faster. But it is just my idea. A good visual novel! nice!
Best IndieGames (Tahap 18) 2021-02-07
This game is in the video about the Top 4 Indie Games of January 2021

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