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Mire Engine is a Cross Platform RPG Game Engine made in italy. It's a powerfull tool for creating your own adveture for free! Mire make your game aviable for: iOS, Android, OUYA, Xbox One, Ps4, and more! Support native Javascript and LUA, Writted in C# , MonoGame and WebGL. #engine #tool
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Enabled Javascript Main Menu, and #Scene #Editor
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Mire Engine
Mire Engine
Mire Engine
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Reofloor (1606 Gems) 2018-07-18

no updates, no improvements, no news, no games made with it. This tool will die soon.

CapZero88 (2881 Gems) 2018-06-28

you have to add demo or templates to use. So the devs can know how to start editing existing projects

Fellowplayer Profile (22330 Gems) 2018-06-08

Looks good.

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