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Foreign Frugglers

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Diterbitkan pada: 2019/03/25

Shoot em Up


The Fruggle is REAL!
use arrow keys to move, up=aim, Z=shoot, X=somersault
menu: space or Z/X
R: Restart
G=Restart Game
For the best experience, play this game on Google Chrome.
#ultimo #frugglers
Bahasa: English  
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Get Foreign Frugglers on steam! Improved and expanded: #foreignfrugglers #ultimogames
Foreign Frugglers
Foreign Frugglers
Foreign Frugglers
Foreign Frugglers
Foreign Frugglers
Foreign Frugglers
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Xenoss (Level 8) 2021-01-17
The video is broken
manoelguerreiro (Level 3) 2020-02-16
Good game!
Myrkvidr (Level 14) 2019-10-04
this is a lot of fun. i love it
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