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Endless Combat Dungeon

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Rpg Maker MV

(DEMO) A brutal dungeon crawler without any crawling. It's based on the old Wizardry games and board games like Dungeon Quest. The goal is to make as much profit/silver as possible and leave the Endless Combat Dungeon.
Please feel free to leave any suggestions/quest ideas/item ideas/monster ideas, etc.
Turn off SAVING to compete in the leaderboards.
#roguelike #rpg
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0.70r - Removed the map. PURIFY spell can be cast on either party member.
Endless Combat Dungeon
Endless Combat Dungeon
Endless Combat Dungeon
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DiegoGramicciol Disahkan (Level 15) 2022-06-17
This game is funny, remind of the first game i has played in my childood.
MikeyBlighe (Level 6) 2021-11-28
I love the concept of this! Trawl through random rooms and encounter enemies, puzzles or traps (or all of these things)! I had a tonne of fun playing this, even though I didn't really achieve anything! It seems to have been a while since this game received any updates, but it would be wonderful to see more... in the meantime I'll keep trying to pull off some kinda win!

YouTube Gameplay
ronnye (Level 15) 2021-03-06
No more updates?
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