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Earth Liberation

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A dynamic RTS game that can challenge the skill of seasoned gamers like ourselves without introducing new brain twisting mechanics into the genre.
We exhaustively analyzed classic RTS titles we all love and purified the gameplay to keep only the most fun parts
Simplified economy
Rapid decision making
Constant enemy pressure
Thoughtful air/ground balance
PvP and Co-op
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Earth Liberation
Earth Liberation
Earth Liberation
Earth Liberation
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NukeThemAll (Level 4) 2024-03-11
Any new updates on this RTS?
Drifterthorn (Level 7) 2019-02-24
This game is so fun. I didn't make it very far because I got way out numbered.
YouTube Gameplay
Fellowplayer (Level 23) 2018-01-04
I do like the detail put into this one.
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