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Color Race

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It's a #multiplayer game. Perfect to play using the #indiepad. Min 2 players, max 4 players. It looks like Snake or Tron games. You have to kill your enimies using your "tail". It's very easy to play and very funny! It's an indiexpo #exclusive
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Fixed a bug about the Scores!
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Color Race
Color Race
Color Race
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Fellowplayer (Level 22) 2018-01-03
I had to look at the title of this game a few times just to make sure I read it right :P
Marco Sacchetti (Level 11) 2017-12-08
non male. l'idea e' molto bella per un gioco multigiocatore. forse a volte lo schermo sembra troppo piccolo ma penso sia un qualcosa di voluto per non far durare troppo a lungo le partite. alla fine รจ un gioco veloce. mi piace
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