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Point and Click

Unreal Engine

Welcome to Amber County, a hybrid, first person adventure that mixes puzzles and narrative just like the old Point and Click games do.
Solve puzzles and live the mysterious journey of Steven O'Hara, the blind detective who solves cases using his "dreams", in this fancy County.
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Amber County
Amber County
Amber County
Amber County
Amber County
Amber County
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Fleurman (Level 15) 2020-04-12
Suberb game ! The visuals are strong and so is the sonorisation, the characters are excellent and the saving system is brilliant AND it is well written. It makes me think of the game "Flower, Sun & Rain" somehow.
mazzutakgame (Level 15) 2019-03-11
wow! very cool visual, fantastic trailer, i'not have try the game yet, but tonight i download it!!
good job man!
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