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A Landlord's Dream

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A short #cyberpunk point and click adventure game. A tale of faulty technology and good neighbourship
Bahasa: English   Italiano   Espanol   Francais  
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**V1.4 UPDATE**: Thanks to the efforts of Yoann Le Bleis (, the game is now available in #French! Also, an ancient asset emerged from the source files and it finally made into the game after... 5 years?! Wow... So, enjoy the new look of the News Feed Terminal, drawn by none other than Kastchey!
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A Landlord's Dream
A Landlord's Dream
A Landlord's Dream
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baskerville (Tahap 3) 2020-10-25
Charming art style, weak on puzzle side and world building
indiexpo Interviews (Tahap 3) 2018-10-04
6 Questions for... Christopher Sacchi

YouTube Gameplay
Reofloor (Tahap 10) 2018-07-10
we need more games like this!
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