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UFO-Shado Defence

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As UFO's get closer to Earth we need to train fighters to defend Earth from hostile invaders, you need to destroy as many UFO's as possible to prove you can protect Earth from invasion. Get a high enough score to qualify.
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UFO-Shado Defence
UFO-Shado Defence
UFO-Shado Defence
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Oldgoat (레벨 1) 2020-05-14
UFO Shado defence looks great and reminds me of a slot arcade game from the 1970s! however I need some advice, Ive downloaded the game to my Windows 10laptop and need to know what APP to open it with, any ideas anyone?
Step (레벨 9) 2016-10-20
A game made by a YouTuber without a video about his game :D
geod_3 (레벨 10) 2016-10-18
is there a webgl version ? can you add it ?
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