Truck Defense

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게시일: 2020/03/26



Truck defense is a tower defense similar game in ego perspective. defend your camp and set up guns to support you.
if the feedback is good, i will continue the development.
thanks for the testing and feedback.
planned features that depend on your feedback:
more level, placeable resource harvester, base building
언어: English  
새로운 기능: 4
New version released! New map, i hope you enjoy!
Truck Defense
Truck Defense
Truck Defense
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Marco Sacchetti (Level 11) 2020-04-15
Ma c'è una trama o è solo FPS ?
iamhere (Level 13) 2020-04-03
Hi, just one thing. I'm starting to follow your project, but when you update it, with news like "New version released!" can you add also a gif or a youtube video to show the new features? :)
canyonbreed (Level 5) 2020-04-03
New version released! New map with a bunch of gameplay improvement. I hope you enjoy!
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