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The Hunting Game

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Log in to indiexpo to send your score in the Leaderboard. Use the mouse (or the touch screen) to hit the birds! It's a very fast and nice game, very easy to play! #exclusive
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The Hunting Game
The Hunting Game
The Hunting Game
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2players (Level 6) 2019-10-15
Nice arcade game, as pointed there is some room of improvement for the sound, but overall it's a solid title. You might think of adding a charging bar that enable some powerup for example, in order to add variety and WOW effect.
indiexpo Addons (Level 13) 2018-01-21
You can find this game also on our new extension/ #addon on your own Browser.
Click and Play!
Fellowplayer (Level 22) 2018-01-18
There is no sound in the game, also if I click very quickly I can hit the same target several times and get more points.
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