The Blind Prophet

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Ars Goetia

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The Blind Prophet is a Point'n'Click adventure and narrative game. Explore the corrupted city of Rotbork, and brave the Great Evil that lurks within.
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The Blind Prophet
The Blind Prophet
The Blind Prophet
The Blind Prophet
The Blind Prophet
The Blind Prophet
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Domiz (Level 4) 2021-06-17
the cyperpunk style of this game is incredible. Between cyberpunk and steampunk. Great work and amazing artworks! Nice plot and good puzzles
YooriTakeshi (Level 5) 2021-05-15
gioco molto carino molto fatto bene molto accurato pochino spaventoso mi piacerebbe giocarlo in italiano cosi da capirlo meglio
lovinggood (Level 5) 2020-10-29
hi, can you add also a longer description about the plot and the features of this game? thanks
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