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a hundred knights where chosen to go on a dangerous mission by the Epsylian Council. The mission, led by an Aelther Warlord, "Neptune", was to occupy a camp of Looset Empire. It is generally believed that this raid had one survivor. It was Neptune, who actually betrayed the others in the raid. Alcein was one of the dead knights, He saw Neptune's betrayal and came back to life.
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Avelions 3
Avelions 3
Avelions 3
Avelions 3
Avelions 3
Avelions 3
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Jonathan Fish (7709 Gems) 2016-08-14

Nice. I love this saga. But I'm already playing the MV episode :))))

MyTrain (1121 Gems) 2016-07-03

Coool !

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