Silent Memories P.T. V1.2

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Silent Memories it's a RPG Remake about the famous Konami game "P.T. Silent Hills". The game set in a misterious house, which in one way or another it prevent us to escape through infinite loops in a corridor. This game is a Beta Version of the Full Game, so may contain some little bugs. If you find some bug or problem, let us know!
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SILENT MEMORIES V.1.2: Nothing was changed on the game, except we decided after that little event to protect the game from any Decrypt Program. Even if someone could take the game contents without make piracy, we don't like that way. So, for the love of god and for who love to create games without being corrupted, DON'T- DECRYPT- RPG MAKER- GAMES. DON'T STEAL. Thanks.
Silent Memories P.T. V1.2
Silent Memories P.T. V1.2
Silent Memories P.T. V1.2
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Fellowplayer Profile (23340 Gems) 2018-01-05

Its nice to see a twist to the usual RPG games.

TyrionL (3586 Gems) 2017-11-25

are you working on a sequel?

Selitto Profile (187 Gems) 2017-03-01

I don't steal your project.

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