Shawy Adventures

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Shawy Adventures is a Retro Action Platformer inspired on the early Game Boy games.
Help Shawy with his first adventure, recover the stolen sacred stones and became rich and famous.
A prototype demo is available for download for Windows, Mac and Linux (64bit).
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Hi there, I've just uploaded a new build, it includes many UI improvements, a new gamepad configuration screen, some usability fixes (fullscreen issues on all hosts) and many bugfixes, check the full list here:
Shawy Adventures
Shawy Adventures
Shawy Adventures
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TheBigShow (Level 12) 2017-08-08
I love this retro style! great game! Completed! I follow it for the next version!
RealTidus (Level 12) 2017-06-15
I like the style of this game! Like a GameBoy title! Can I play it also online?
Sekayo (Level 12) 2017-04-24
is it your first game? Amazing!
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