Road To Rage

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Road To Rage is a simple top-down shooter that gets difficult in the latter stages. Pick up bullets to increase your fire rate. Collect R's to fill up your RAMPAGE meter. Once full, you will get a temporary fire rate boost and x5 score. How far can you get?
#arcade #shooter
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Road To Rage is available on Google Play with full leaderboard and achievements support! Can you get all 12?
Road To Rage
Road To Rage
Road To Rage
Road To Rage
Road To Rage
Road To Rage
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galaga (Level 10) 2021-06-06
The last update was 2 years ago :(
TMD Studios (Level 6) 2020-07-18
For more games from TMD Studios, visit
TMD Studios (Level 6) 2020-03-31
Buddy Breakout, the third game from TMD Studios, is now available on Google Play. It is coming to indiexpo in the near future...
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