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Prehistoric Shifter

242 플레이어 - 2 구독자 구독자
An unfinished game for Ludum Dare 35. If you stay in one form for too long, you start losing health.
Arrow keys to move, spacebar to attack, 1-3 to shapeshift, C to spawn an enemy and G to toggle godmode.
Engine: Superpoers
Sound effects: sfxr
Music: Ableton Studio
Ivan Fonseca, Nova Kelly - Programming
Ryan Torrington-Smith - Music
언어: English  
Prehistoric Shifter
Prehistoric Shifter
Prehistoric Shifter
댓글 2
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로딩 중...
로딩 중...
Jonathan Fish (Level 16) 2016-08-14
Funny !!
MyTrain (Level 8) 2016-08-06
Great game !!
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