Night Terror - The School

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Night Terror - The School is a free point and click horror adventure game about a demon ghost that haunts the school. A short 2d game that requires players to find items to advance through and unfolding the mystery.
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Hi, this is the full game of Night Terror with 2 versions. The other version will require a dollar to buy on itchio.
Night Terror - The School
Night Terror - The School
Night Terror - The School
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ronnye (Level 15) 2021-07-23
the horror atmosphere is perfect. Your design is very good and it is perfect for gameplays on youtube (that help to gain new players). Good game. Nice work
GameHauntings (Level 2) 2020-01-15

YouTube Gameplay
Interesting game, really liked it
Best IndieGames (Level 16) 2020-01-14
This game is in the video about the Top 3 BEST NEW Indie Games of December 2019

YouTube Gameplay
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