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Negative_Space is a challenging black and white 2D platformer where you must switch between inverted versions of the same room in order to progress.
This 2.0 demo features the new and revised Chapter 00 and 01 (18 Levels) of the game along with full options menu support and Xbox controller support.
Any feedback is appreciated.
#action #adventure #platformer #retro #difficult
언어: English  
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Loscar (Level 8) 2020-10-23
very easy design. are you adding new levels? are you working on a new game like this?
Kira (Level 9) 2019-02-16
very easy to play, perfect design and with a retro style that I love!
Best IndieGames (Level 16) 2019-02-03
This game is in the video about the 3 Best Free Games of January 2019

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