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Enter a world of high fantasy where danger lurks around every corner. Explore a massive open world sandbox. Delve into several caves, dungeons and fortresses teaming with evil. Inspired by the RPGs of old #sandbox #openworld
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We started working on a new game in the Myrkvidr universe. It is a prequel taking place in a different time and setting but tied together into the same world. It is called Starcaller and you should go check it out!
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EmptyWorldGames (Level 8) 2020-08-24
Oh finally here it is! I've lost this game with my old computer, and cannot remember the name! I need to replay it and figure out how to continue! I was and I am amazed by this aesthetics choice, retro vibes!
Kaen999 (Level 19) 2019-10-14
Hiya, i need a info: The game is really complete? I'm asking because on the link says "Myrkvidr Beta"...
LesGrossman (Level 12) 2019-10-12
I don't like so much the sprites during the battles
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