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In Laika 2.0 you play as the special KGB agent Laika: a biologically enhanced monkey.
It's the second step of the Laika project where the URSS sent the homonymous dog to space.
You'll need to avoid enemies, solve puzzles and dodge deadly traps along the way, in a beautiful and suggestive environments.
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Laika2.0 is out on Steam Greenlight! Thanks for your comments, your suggestions, your enthusiam! We have realeased a 2 levels only demo but we tried to make a more polished product, hope you'll enjoy!
Laika 2.0
Laika 2.0
Laika 2.0
Laika 2.0
Laika 2.0
Laika 2.0
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Staff 인증됨 (Level 14) 2020-03-07
video removed, it was broken
Fellowplayer (Level 22) 2018-01-05
Is the video link broken?
Eugor (Level 13) 2017-03-01
I played it few time ago. Voted on GL ! :D
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