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Knock Knock Soulsman

534 플레이어 - 33 구독자
KNOCK KNOCK Traveling Soulsman- “Knock Knock who’s there ?
- Dave Hill
- Dave Hill who ?
- Dave Hill the Traveling Soulsman”
Game Made in 72h for the Ludum Dare jam
언어: English  
Knock Knock Soulsman
Knock Knock Soulsman
Knock Knock Soulsman
Knock Knock Soulsman
댓글 (10)
서식 도움 380
wearevenom (Level 10) 2020-04-23
did you join to the last ludum dare?
Drifterthorn (Level 6) 2019-09-10
This game is so fun. I loved being able to point and click on almost everything.
TheBeast (Level 10) 2019-07-10
very funny! suggested! the games made by angry squirrels are perfects for everyone!
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