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Kignao HTML5

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New html5 browser version, for game Kignao . Wait for loading then click on the box and access the menu. Now click Play to start, other information will be visible on the screen. Aim of the game is to combine the Kignao with the same value/color. Join the Kignao as long as these evolve in the Black Kignao. At the end of the game, send your record to highscore online.
언어: Italiano   English  
새로운 기능: 2
ENG : New version available for Windows10 UWP : Added link to the Windows Store . This new version counts the save of the level, so you can start again from the last level completed. In addition you will be able to send your record already from the completion of the first level. ITA : Disponibile nuova versione per Windows10 UWP : aggiunto link per il...
Kignao HTML5
Kignao HTML5
Kignao HTML5
Kignao HTML5
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civic71 Profile (Level 5) 2016-06-19
Added direct download from my site for android version.
Staff (Level 13) 2016-01-08
You can upload your html5 version here. So the users can play it easly and fastly
civic71 Profile (Level 5) 2016-01-08
After having tried the html5 version for browsers, you must know that android mobile version is also available on amazon.
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