Jazz Lightning

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Kickstarter : http://kck.st/2ByZz93
Jazz Lightning : Castle Dungeons is a single player pixel 2D action platformer where you need to make your way through lethal castle dungeons and obtain their mythical treasures.
#platformer #action
언어: English  
새로운 기능: 1
The game is also on Kickstarter. You can help me by contributing or sharing the project. http://kck.st/2ByZz93
Jazz Lightning
Jazz Lightning
Jazz Lightning
Jazz Lightning
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서식 도움 380
Brim (Level 11) 2019-12-31
Nice platform!
JawsOP (Level 10) 2019-11-09
Very good platform
Aech (Level 6) 2019-11-07
just another platform indie game?
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