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Gastrosnaps Adventures

169 플레이어 - 11 구독자 구독자
게시일: 2020/01/29



You come upon a Gastrosnap who seems to have lost its owner.. What do you do.. ? Introduction here!:
언어: English  
Gastrosnaps Adventures
Gastrosnaps Adventures
Gastrosnaps Adventures
Gastrosnaps Adventures
댓글 4
서식 도움 380
로딩 중...
로딩 중...
Eugor (Level 14) 2020-02-04
is there a gameplay?
gamefive 인증됨 (Level 16) 2020-01-31
Explanation of how to play is needed. I want to play the finished game.
Fellowplayer (Level 23) 2020-01-30
Controls are all over the place, when I fly I disappear off the screen and the camera zooms to the bottom of the map.
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