Forgotten Memories

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Genre: Open world, Choice Maters, Real-life like, RPG with 1060 hours put in it. More info on facebook. #openworld #secondlife
언어: English  
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News: Hello all! I got bad news for you this time: My PC got hit by blue screen of death and I lost all my progress since last update of the game (current build that you play) and I got pushed back some month and a half of work. Alas, not all is lost! Since I'm a smart guy (my mother says so), I save every build upon upload just in case and this is no difference. I still...
Forgotten Memories
Forgotten Memories
Forgotten Memories
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서식 도움
wearevenom (671 Gems) 2018-10-09

please, update it :( i'm very sorry that you're so busy, but i'm wating for your updates! It's very nice!

Reofloor (1324 Gems) 2018-07-10

I love the openworld game!!!

TheBigShow (3000 Gems) 2018-04-15

An huge work! Congratulations

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